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All your bases are belong to us

My bases bring all the boys to the yard.
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On Monday, August 15th, 2005, a milestone in livejournal history was reached: a paid user purchasing extra icons would now receive a total of 100 icon spots instead of 50. Desperate to fill this sudden vaccuum in her icon roster, hellocalamity searched high and low for suitable icons, but was still unacceptably far from reaching that revered three-digit number. Finally, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and lo, calamityicons was born.

Armed with naught but a trial version of Photoshop Elements, Getty Images, an eye for detail, and mad cropping and resizing skillz, calamityicons strives to fill the emptiness in livejournallers' souls that arises when the icons they have are simply not enough. hellocalamity specializes in Buddhist imagery, dark-haired children, Degas's dancers, and other pretty things; hellocalamity's finished works not only fulfill the artistic whims of its creater but, it hopes, shows the world the beauty that can be contained in a simple 100x100 icon.

Sick to death of terrible icons, lilting_grace has decided to start making ones she actually likes. Having just discovered the wonderful world of brushes and textures, she is slowly mastering the madness that is psp9. She has a tendency to make icons of strange or obscure subject matter, or out of whatever source images are thrown at her by hellocalamity or anyone else who wants to make a request. She is determined to conquer paintshop, even if it costs her life.