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My first batch of icons ever. Probably closer to bases, actually, but whatever. Admire my mad cropping, resizing, and saturating skillz, indeed. However - if you notice they're not all the same size ... you're right. I'm not advanced enough to know how to crop them to exactly 100x100 yet, so most of them are like, 100x97 or something like that. I'm sure you will survive. (However, if you'd like to tell me how to do this, I'll be greatly indebted.) All originals are from Getty Images.

So without further ado, here is a group of Asian-ish icons - Buddhism, cute Japanese kids, and a mosque. Yay.

01. Image hosted by 02. Image hosted by 03. Image hosted by

04. Image hosted by 05. Image hosted by 06. Image hosted by
07. Image hosted by 08. Image hosted by 09. Image hosted by
10. Image hosted by 11. Image hosted by 12. Image hosted by
13. Image hosted by 14. Image hosted by 15. Image hosted by
16. Image hosted by

- share
- credit, if you want (aren't you glad I'm not a credit nazi?)
- comment; it makes me happy
- give suggestions/ideas/pointers; they make me super happy (how to make things exactly 100x100? how to add single pixel-borders? I'm clueless.)

- claim as your own
- hotlink

I think that about covers it.
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Th-these are ridiculously good! Particularly for your first time! I love the pictures you used.

Okay, the easiest way to to make a 100x100 icon:

1) Get your picture resized so that it's just slightly bigger than 100x100. (You know how to do that. Image>>Resize>>Image Size or Scale.)
2) Then go to Select>>All and Edit>>Copy, so you have the whole image copied.
3) Go to File>>New.
4) On the window that pops up, set the height and width to 100 pixels (or whatever you wanted).
5) Edit>>Paste.
6) If you want to move the picture around, just click and drag or use the arrow keys.

Well, I set it so only I can join so I don't have to log out, BUT YOU CAN WATCH!! And you'll be my first watcher who is not myself! Yay!

And double yay, now I can make properly sized icons too! <3

(Making a special icon community is a darn good idea.)
And I lied, you'll be my second watcher, because unbeknownst to me thinsheets joined, lol. But oh well, second is still a very respectable number :)
I haven't used photoshop elements in ages (I loved it though, but my free trial expired and I use psp now), but can't you just find "resize" and set it to "100x100"? In psp it's under the image tab, but I'm sure there's some equivalent.

oh, my friend thinks it's under "image", "image size", and he has photoshop and is checking now.

Yes, that's it. Not canvas size, but image size. I don't know why I narrated that all out.

Oh man, when I get home I want to make icons too and join your community and post them. I know some tricks too, so we can collaborate.
YESYES. Had I known I would have made it like calamitygraceicons except that is so totally over 15 characers, so um, nevermind. You can just join anyway. lolzorz.

p.s. icon


January 25 2006, 05:22:51 UTC 12 years ago

snagged #s 1,5,10 and 16.

i lurve them. i think that they are excellent!
sorry i didnt realize i wasnt logged in. that was me.
Taking 11 & 4. You're getting credit in the comments, o' course.